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Mount Isa 100 Year Centenary celebrations

I was fortunate and honored to be invited to perform for the Mount Isa 100 year celebrations, on February 23, celebrating 100 years of Mount Isa.  Kruttschnitt Oval was completely filled with rides, food and drink stalls, and a main stage for entertainment all afternoon. 


Mount Isa has been my home and foundation for music since first auditioning as a vocalist for jazz band Bandana, in 2013, and continued to seek out development and challenges along the way.  


I had a great time on Thursday night, playing to a full crowd.  Thankyou to the Mount Isa 100 Year Centenary Committee for creating an impressive event, I was honored to be involved. 

'No Night Like This' Launch Party, Mount Isa

I had an amazing time at our launch party on Friday February 10th, playing over two hours of music to a sold-out crowd, at the Mount Isa Civic Centre.  A special thanks to guest artists Lenita Woodsbey, Khovy Inthavong, and Kodie Kuskopf, I enjoyed being on stage with you all again and watching you perform!


A very special thanks to our incredibly talented band, with Jeff Rogers, Ben Olsen, Bobby Tolcher and Josh Woodfield, who made the night so enjoyable.


Thankyou to all those who came and supported us, cheered and clapped, and filled the dancefloor with a great atmosphere.

front cover.jpg

I'm excited to announce the launch of my EP 'No Night Like This', on February 10. 


If you will be in Mount Isa, join me in celebrating this exciting time, featuring talented artists Lenita Woodsbey, Kodie Kuskopf and Khovy Invathong.  The stage is set with a full band of incredible homegrown talent, Jeff Rogers, Bobbie Tolcher and Josh Woodfield, to make an exciting night of entertainment.  

You can purchase tickets through, with a link on my homepage!

Thankyou to all those who have continued to support me along the way.

cover one tinder town.jpg

The song that you've been waiting for, an outback story set to an electric vibe, 'One Tinder Town' drops on Friday February 3, just in time for Valentines Day.  

Written by Allan Caswell & Cath Purcell, a song that brings an entertaining story to life, and lift your mood at any time of day. 

Thankyou Rancom St Studios, Blacklist Productions, and everyone who helped make this come to life

cover tractor club.jpg

'Tractor Club' dropped onto streaming services, thanks to all those who have supported me to get there!. 


Written by Garth Porter & Cath Purcell, is a song that celebrates Tractor Clubs everywhere across Australia.   If you haven't been to Tractor Club before, be prepared for an experience with great people who have even better stories.  You can download this single now, from any of your favorite streaming platforms.

front cover.jpg

Thankyou so much for supporting the release of 'No Night Like This', a song about Mt Isa Rodeo - my favorite time of year!


Written by Stephen Price, Garth Porter & Cath Purcell, this song describes  just how important it is to get to the most festive event on the calendar. If you haven't experienced the Mount Isa Rodeo, it's worth making the trip and seeing for yourself, just how electric the atmosphere can be!

Thankyou Rancom St Studios, Blacklist Productions, and everyone who helped make this come to life

no night like this.jpg


Talk about tractors, epic scenery, and incredible cinematography.

Finally, after a lengthy wait due to Covid, we made our way to Sydney to shoot three music videos. Jay Seeney and Blacklist Productions had a spare couple of days for filming, and was able to source locations, tractors, and actors in a short amount of time.

'Tractor Club' was on our third day of filming, and the day started off with an early walk in Woollongong, before driving across town for early hair and makeup, to be ready with time to spare. Shooting starts at around 2pm, to film additional scenes, before the crew arrived for the main shoots, until final light.

I had a quick lesson in operating a Ferguson, a very beautiful piece of machinery that deserves all respect for many years of hard work, and still starts.

I wanted to give this song the energy it deserves, and Jay created a great atmosphere to portray the fun story that this song describes. I cant wait for you to see it and hope you enjoy!

Thankyou Blacklist Productions, and everyone who helped make this come to life

studio 4.jpg


After writing a collection of my favourite stories, it was time to record.  We made a huge trip, from Julia Creek to Rancom St Studios in Sydney, where these songs were really brought to life, with the production of a full band.  

Each layer of every instrument adds a bigger dynamic and makes me want to turn it up and dance. 


I am very grateful to Garth and Rancom St Studios for turning my art into an EP.



The Mount Isa Blast was an incredible musical production by Queensland Music Festival, and I was very lucky to receive an audition for the role of 'Bobcat', a salesperson promoting dancing Bobcats and Backhoes. 


Mount Isa and North West Queensland is my favourite part of outback Queensland, and I loved the storyline of promoting our twice-daily blast.  The production included dancing machinery, motor cross, cattle droving, and an incredible arrangement of music.  I was very lucky to have a part and see how much goes into large scale productions.

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