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Cath Purcell is a country music artist based in Mount Isa, an outback mining town rich in culture as it is in minerals. 

A graduate of the 2018 Tamworth Country Music Academy, and guest artist for the Queensland Music Festival’s 2019 ‘Mount Isa Blast’ performance, Cath has a variety of performances in her gig bag, that have made her aim further. 

‘I started as a vocalist with Mount Isa’s jazz band, ‘Bandana’ in 2014, and loved the challenge of listening to so many different instruments, it inspired me to keep developing as a performer, I was always looking for someone who would teach me better vocals, guitar and songwriting techniques’. 

Whether selling ‘Bobcats and Backhoes’ for Queensland Music Festival, or promoting an outback ‘Tractor Club’, Cath Purcell writes stories from the outback, that she has collected over trial, error and laughter.

‘I started writing music as I had stories and experiences that I wanted to share. Mount Isa has provided me with so many opportunities and inspiring stories. It’s a great challenge to choose a moment in time and explain what that’s like.’


Cath has created a collection of outback stories co-written with Allan Caswell, Lee Bowman, Stephen Price, and Garth Porter, recorded at Rancom St Studios collated for the release of her debut EP ‘No Night Like This’.  

‘No night like this’ is based on the world-famous Mount Isa rodeo, ‘it’s a special event for so many reasons, but a great way to celebrate in outback Queensland.  The build-up to the big event is so exciting with celebrations all week, everyone is ready to let their hair down’.


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